Honduran Foods and Cuisine: Fried Fish

Whole Fried Fish from Honduras, yum! Pescado Frito!

The whole fried fish is a famous dish throughout Honduras. It is most popular on the North Coast, the South Coast and near Lake Yojoa. Anywhere that you can find a plentiful supply of fresh fish, you buy website traffic and will see a smattering of small Honduran casetas, or restaurants serving Fried Fish.

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Honduras: Is the Mayan paradise ready to discover for tourists?

Honduras Tourism

From Honduras, bad news has held guests because the “coup d’état” of 2009. Chris Moss visits with a brand new Mayan site near Copán that may help change the development

In the beginning, you see only piles of rocks, several trees bursting through the dirt, a collapsed wall that secured and seemingly have been turned. Slowly, familiar types take shape and you visit a home, a little pyramid, an extended wall. Then, whilst the far end you spy a sizable construction designed with elaborate reliefs an attractive facade showing a soldier rising in the head of the jaguar is it’sed by –. The reconstruction continues to be meticulous, and you can sense the ability and need for the number who inspired the art while missing areas have needed the deft work of attractive concrete.

That is a residential Mayan“suburb” slightly, El Rastrojón over a distance from Copán in western Honduras’ Unesco World Heritage website. Although known about excavation about the 1200 year-old, since atleast 1979 website just started on and six years back 1 El Rastrojón was eventually exposed for the community. At this point we would like to thank our promotion partners which have made many procejts of us reality. As you may know how important, especially for tourism, social media can be, as much it is for us. We decided to work with probably one of the leaders on the Instagram Promotion market. We was lucky to find the best source where we can buy instagram followers aswell as other services for social media. This approach of marketing nowadays is essential to boost your athority in the highly competitive world of tourism. Now further more about El Rastrojón.

“We realized El Rastrojón was a significant site last year,” says Dr Jorge Ramos, lead archaeologist about the Harvard University-sponsored project start and to excavate the website for the community. “When we saw specific numbers for example serpents within the stonework and the caliber of the statues, we realized it was a home of elite players.

As the high-season for guests – as well as Main America’s dry period – begins after Christmas, Honduran tourism companies are expecting this little but significant Mayan ruin can give a brand new cause to go to this bad but beautiful place to international vacationers. Because the June 2009 coup d’état that resulted in then-president Manuel Zelaya’s exile, studies of high-crime and general uncertainty have discouraged from Honduras guests.

”We were the remainder of Central America’s envy. The 2008/2009 international economic crisis was barely even observed here before coup. However, since that time lazy writing and geopolitics have worked against Honduras includes a shortage of management in the management of president Porfirio Lobo Sosa, which never come up with an agenda to enhance the country’s picture.

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Regime change in Honduras

I´ve been asked, so I will give my recap of what has been happening in Honduras. Before I start, I have to make some important disclaimers. First, I am not Honduran, and have no rights to campaign or vote for elected officials in Honduras. Second, my political views are entirely my own opinion, and I will make every effort to respect the opinions of others, and acknowledge that their opinions on political leaders are as valid as my own.

Honduran President Zelaya (left), before being forcibly overthrown
Honduran President Zelaya (left), before being forcibly overthrown.


Mel Zelaya was inaugurated President in January of 2006. It was an uneventful election, and as usual I wasn’t paying much attention. I am generally a Liberal, and Mel was Liberal party so I expected normalcy. Things went along pretty well, although he wasn’t much of a firecracker.

Last year, Zelaya joined the ALBA, the Bolivian Aliance, which was constituted in Cuba in 2004. The Bolivian Aliance has as its mission to combat the US Free Trade Agreement in an economic block. Well, I say that Zelaya joined it, but of course, he (and the congress) and the whole country joined it. At that time, the US embassy grumbled a little, but no one really protested, and it was decided that Honduras can make aliances with anyone they want to. So here we are in the ALBA family, with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Then, we have to start hearing about Chavez and the ALBA all the time. Chavez sent 100 tractors!!! To save the Honduran farmers, Venezuela donated 100 tractors. Zelaya got on the tractors and drove them out to the farmers. Everyone did about four days of song and dance over the tractors. I’m going to do some math here, because I’m a farm girl, and those were some small little tractors. Let’s say maximum of $15 K each, times 100. So for $1.5 mil we have to dance for Chavez, and we have to hear about the tractors for the rest of the year, and how much the people of Venezuela love us, they sent us tractors.

Plus, also, Zelaya starts handling his finances with loans from Venezuela. Again, not Zelaya’s personal finances, but the country’s finances. So, once again, we get lots of happy speeches about how we are moving forward with the help of our brothers in Venezuela.

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Honduras is usually strictly allied with the United States. Honduras has always had lots of foreign investment, especially the investment of the US fruit companies, who have in the past had significant influence in Honduran Politics. Honduras also has the only US military base in Central America. US is the biggest trading partner of Honduras as well. We are like a little brother to the US.

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Honduran Foods -Mangos

The best thing about Honduras is the availablility of fresh fruits and vegetables, almost 365 days a year. Ahhhh, the tropics!

Mangos growing in a tree
Mangos growing in a tree

In Honduras the mangos usually start getting ripe around July, although Hondurans also love to eat Green Mangos. The green mangos are usually sliced and served with salt, hot pepper, lime juice, or some wild combination. These are often sold by street vendors and fruit stands, in little plastic bags. I once saw a group of street vendors gather around a five gallon bucket, mixing bottles of syrup, hot pepper sauce, and lime juice. Are they making a terrorist bomb?? No, just mixing the toppings for the green mango slices. Phwew!

Once the mangos are a little bit yellow, they are perfect for slicing and eating. At first, before they are truly ripe, they are firm and tart, sort of like an apple. Later as they become more ripe (July-August) the mangos become dark orange or red, and the flesh becomes much softer. Mangos are very juicy when they are ripe, and if you eat the fruit whole, it can be a drippy, but yummy, mess. Good for eating outside by the beach or river.

You can also eat mangos by slicing them for inside eating. They also can be pureed to make drinks (mango milkshakes, licuados, or mango daquiris) or frozen treats. You can put the puree on the stove and cook it up into mango jelly as well. You probably won’t need to add any sugar to ripe mangos, because they are naturally very sweet.

Another delicious treat that a friend makes is a “high-class” version of the street vendor’s green mangos. Take mangos that are starting to ripen and make a dressing of olive oil, sugar, vinegar and hot pepper sauce. It is absolutely delicious, sweet and spice and healthy all in one. You won’t be able to stop eating it. Two days in the fridge makes it even better.

Mangos are a perfect example of foods growing on trees in Honduras. When they start to ripen, everyone goes crazy to see the mangos come again. Then towards August when everyone has been eating mangos for months, and there are still tons on the trees, and they are falling down and rotting everywhere, it becomes a social obligation to eat as many mangos as you can. The price drops quickly when they are all ripe. A campesina friend calls the mangos “mata-hambre” or hunger-killers. For a few months they are everywhere, and especially in the country they are free for the taking. She says that they are the perfect thing to eat and kill your hunger while you are waiting for the rice to boil. In the off-season, you just have to be patient.

That is all I have to say about mangos, except that they are a great source of anti-oxidant vitamin E. All this and good for ya too.